Enoch CHENG | A Passage

A Passage

A storefront, a tunnel, a coliseum. On 14 May 2016, Enoch Cheng will present a performance that reflects on his 6-month experience working at Shop A3, a tiny storefront inside a Hong Kong back alley. With his performance, Enoch invites the audience to embark on a journey as he traces back the questions he encountered during his time behind the glass window of the space. He will also answer new questions proposed by the audience and invited guests. A workshop led by Yeung Yang, his collaborator on the project, will accompany the performance. We ask the audience to dress lightly, and to bring some food and drink to feed themselves and the artist. You can treat this occasion as an opportunity to steal time off from your routines and anticipate nothing. The whole performance is expected to last for around two hours. We look forward to your registration.

Details of the performance Date: 18th May, 2016 (Wed) Time: 7:30PM Duration: Approx. 2 hours Venue: Storefront of Shop A3, #1 Sharp Street West, WanChai, Hong Kong * Please register with your name and contact no. via yet2btitled@gmail.com

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