A note from Enoch CHENG

Dear audience,

It is a strange relationship between you and me. But isn't it always the case when we try to relate to others. I may or may not know who you are, but when I make a work, I always have you in mind, although I don't know if the work fits your expectation. Once my work is done, I will have to let it connect with you. I cannot be there anymore, even if I want to. There's a Chinese saying: the water thrown out cannot come back. I hope when you come to see my film installation at A3, you can imagine you are in a swimming pool. Then let's see what happens.

I don't know what will happen. This 'unknown' among many things is why I make this work.

Allow me to say this first with all my sincerity: thank you for your time and attention. This work seeks your time and attention, and in exchange, I try to give you the respect you deserve. Therefore, only one audience will be catered each time in the space at night after 7pm.

Perhaps, let me also make this clear: this will not be a white cube gallery show. It is more like visiting a friend. Things will not be perfect, but I have tried to ensure that this is an experience for you. There will be a short film in this installation and the running time is around 18 mins. But you can spend up to half an hour there.

If you would like to come, please write to yet2btitled@gmail.com and suggest a few time slots. We will see if we can arrange an available time for all of us. It will be my honour to have you as my audience, but I shall apologize if we unfortunately cannot have you this time. But I hope you can understand. Thank you for reading this note.


Enoch ___________ Thank you list: Yeung Yang, Jeff Leung, Clara Cheung, Gum Cheng, Yuen Hiu Shan, DJ BudBall, Kwok Pui Gum, Circle Lo, Daisley Kramer, David Boyce, Leung Tin Chak, Phoebe Wong, Michele Chung, Susi Law, ACO, Andrew Wong, Shane Aspegren, Isaac Leung, Leslie Van Eyck, Helen Ng, Chantal Wong, Season Xu, Ar Hei, Rachel Wong,

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