Y-space: Dancing All Around – Strolling Around Kam Tin

Dancing All Around – Kam Tin As… | 「四圍跳」之原來錦田 CATEGORY

i-Dance(HK) 2015, i-Dance(HK) 2015, Programme, 節目


Situated in the Hong Kong’s largest Yuen Long Plain with the most organic farms, Kam Tin has witnessed the transition of the New Territories and the changes in the lifestyle of the indigenous inhabitants all over the years, including the recent earlier opening of many railway lines and highways. Kam Tin is drifting between traditions and developments. Let us discover this hidden treasure of Hong Kong history from the perspective of dance.

You will discover Kam Tin stories with more than 20 local and overseas artists through different elements of arts such as site-specific dance, music, to name but a few.

DETAILS Activities include | Kam Tin Free Walk, Strolling Around Kam Tin (Guided Tour of Kam Tin stories) and Meet The Artists

Date | 15 & 22.11.2015 (Sun) Time | 12:00-16:00 Different locations in Kam Tin Internet Live Broadcast | 22.11.2015 (Sun) 12:00-16:00 Participating Artists | Alexandra BATTAGLIA, Ka-wing, BLUE, Gabbie CHAN, Ara CHO, Christine HE, David LEUNG, Edmund LEUNG, Eva LIN, Mimi LO, Daniel Navarro LORENZO, Alice MA, Victor MA, Callum MACKENZIE, Wei MAO, Ming PAK, Iris SUN, Gary SWART, Wing-fai TSANG, Marloes VAN HOUTEN, KT YAU, Paul YIP, Tuk Yin YU, Fiona ZHOU

類別 i-舞蹈節(香港) 2015, 節目


坐落於香港最大的元朗平原,是擁有最多有機農場的地方,錦田更歷盡多年來新界的變遷及原居民生活的轉變,包括近年多條鐵路及高速公路的先行啟用。錦田游離於傳統與發展間,讓我們以舞蹈入手,發掘這地方蘊藏着的香港歷史寶藏。超過 20 位來自本地及海外的藝術家將透過環境舞蹈及音樂等不同藝術元素與你感受和發掘西鐵站以外的錦田。

詳情 活動包括 | 錦田自由行、氹氹轉帶你遊錦田(錦田故事導賞團)及與藝術家面談

日期 | 15 & 22.11.2015 ( 日 )

時間 | 1200-1600

錦田內不同地點網上直播 | 22.11.2015 ( 日 ) 1200-1600

參與藝術家 | 藍嘉穎、陳曉玲、 Ara CHO 、 Christine HE 、梁嘉能、梁卓堃、林映池、盧淑嫺、 Daniel Navarro LORENZO 、馬師雅、馬才和、 Callum MACKENZIE 、毛維、白濰銘、孫鳳枝、 Gary SWART 、曾詠暉、 Marloes VAN HOUTEN 、邱加希、葉浩恩、余得彥、周芳

請即按此了解更多「氹氹轉帶你遊錦田(錦田故事導賞團)」報名詳情!​ Click here for more about Strolling Around Kam Tin (Guided Tour of Kam Tin stories!)

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