Y-space: Dancing All Around - at A3 Sharp Street

Y-space Dancing All Around at A3 Sharp Street Dancing All Around: Discovering Wan Chai Stories | 四圍跳 -《尋找灣仔的故事》 Date 日期: 7 - 8th Nov, 2015 | 2015年11月7-8日 Time 時間: 1720-1730 ; 1740-1750 Venue 地點: Shop A3, #1 Sharp Street West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong | 香港銅鑼灣霎西街一號A3樓梯鋪 Performer 演出者: greenmay | 綠美 Free Programme | 免費節目

About the performer | 關於演出者

greemay (Tong Wai Chun Mayson) is the founder of Body Lab for A Priori Tropism, a life model (naturism) , and a hand percussionist. He specializes on post-contemporary dance theatre choreography, performing arts, and dance/music improvisation. Attempts to research on live-structuralised improvisation and dispositif of the multiplex proprioception. Looking for a conscious embodiment and go beyond from the contemporary dance theories. Core belief in his dance is to ‘Drive out from the fixed sense of timing, situated ideology and socialized body shape. We may not change out past, but we can change our relationship to it.’. greenmay has created over 10 performances since 2009. Among them Rustling of Discourse (2012), Habitat Here…and there (2014) and The Great Wall of Memories (2015). In Oct 2015, The Great Wall of Memories re-run will be shown at Korea PAMS. In Oct-Jan 2016, he will be touring for Thierry Smits’ Compagine Thor in Europe. 綠美用對身體感的研究發展自己的舞蹈、用對意識結構的認知保護記憶、用其他時間整理思緒。 About the performance | 關於演出作品

The Great Wall of Memories "The Great Wall of Memories" is about the sense of Time and Qi (Flow) in corporality, trapped in form and situatedness; our Lieb, our movements should be redefined. This performance takes its inspiration from Mauice Merleau- Ponty and body politics, suggesting that our way to drive out from the sense of timing, ist o discover our psychological fog, through understanding our corporality.

The form itself on the stage is already political, thus ART; The memories within the public sphere are also political. Shout,’ Counterbalance/ Resisting’.

《舞囚的記憶》 《舞囚的記憶》是近十個月在進行的生活實踐、行為、錄像、和抗爭。從由台灣現象學研究學者龔卓軍所著的《身體部署》【梅洛龐蒂|與|現象學之後】出發;我意圖以當前身體,呈現身體感(Corporality)邏輯中那時間感和氣感在已規律經驗下迷惑以及困鎖當代舞者的形式和境態。 我們的 Lieb (身體) 和我們的動作應該在不曾停止的殖民計劃中重複重新定義。 如果我們要覺悟和認知在政治影響下的身體甚至身體感,必先在極度困惑的霧化心理狀態下斷絕當今的時間感覺。舞蹈即興的結構,將會隨地境包括被私有化的公共空間、劇場、酒吧俱樂部、地鐵站月台、畫廊、公屋村、歷史建築⋯⋯而深化和改變,目標是超過一百場的實踐,而作品的演出地將會包括香港、韓國、日本、澳洲以及匈牙利。「抗衡」是主線。 For more info | 更多相關資訊 Y-space http://www.y-space.org/?p=22335 Dancing All Around Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/783467235097256/


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