House Warming for Ng Ka-chun | pretend that I live in here 吳家俊之喬遷派對 | 假裝我住在這裡

House Warming for Ng Ka-chun | pretend that I live in here 吳家俊之喬遷派對 | 假裝我住在這裡 Date: Oct 24, 2015 (Sat) Time: 6:30-9:00 PM Venue: Shop A3, Sharp Street West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Detail: "Bring your own food & beer" BBQ party, to avoid wastage, please bring small portion of BBQ food to share, basic beverages and snacks will be served. [It is originated by the idea of HK resident's 'dream house' associating with BBQ rooftop/garden as a 'plus' to your property] *ALL ARE WELCOME! 日期: 2015年10月24日 (星期六) 時間; 下午六時半至九時 地點: 香港銅鑼灣霎西街A3樓梯鋪 詳情: 是次為"自助燒烤派對", 避免造成浪費, 建議自攜少量燒烤食品及啤酒, 我們將會預備基本飲料及小食 [燒烤構思源自本地物業地產所構造的'理想房子, 地少人多, 樓價高企之下, 於住所燒烤成為了奢侈活動, 象徵著美好的居住環境] *歡迎任何感興趣人士

Idea | 意念

When I live in a place that belongs to me, I can't help but keep doing things to it.

The longer I stay there, the farther this place is from my ideal. Whatever I do to it, the more and more it lacks. And yet, what it lacks is a kind of imagination. While it is an endless desire, the pursuit of it generates improvisation, an energy that I find extremely mysterious.


when I have a wall, I want a table.

when I have a table, I want a chair.

when I have a chair, I want to shelf.

When I have a shelf, I want a lamp.

When I have a lamp, I want a small carpet.

When I have a carpet, I want to little garden.

And then, I think of making other things.

After warming the house, do I then change everything?

I will (pretend to) live here, and begin with the wall and make something. This may be an endless (creative) enterprise.

Some thoughts on operation:

For around one month, like going to work, I am here (and nearby) from 9am to 6pm., I want to make it into a show flat by flooring it, tailor making a high bed, table, chair etc. for myself. Through continuous remaking, and some impromptu acts of creating, I show traces and the imagination of life as flattened and narrowed.

當我在一個屬於我的地方生活, 我就禁不住要把它整整整。













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