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As Laurie Anderson once said, Walking is controlled falling. I am walking, and I wonder, if:

- you could defer, suppress, or resist the temptation to familiarize Shop A3 as what it may already be known to you; - you are ready to do something you have always wanted to do; - you imagine there is a lot to learn from the streets; - you believe there is a notion of hope that brings believers and non-believers together; - you are confident that whatever you do as an artistic gesture, it is possible that you will make a


Would you consider walking with me?

Please visit Shop A3, #1 Sharp Street West at your convenience. No one will be there, but installation/ moving painting REALITY by Dominique Lämmli, Lee Chun-fung, and myself is up, as a prompter for further conversations. If there are thoughts that cross your mind and you won't mind sharing them with me, please mail me a letter to the above address before August 31, 2015, when REALITY has to be taken down. This is NOT a call for proposals; this is the first of many invitations for a chat. Would love to hear from you, really. Yeung Yang

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